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Hot scruffy guy giving great head.


I love this VIDEO but I just don’t understand why he didn’t take that hot load from that TASTY big uncut cock in his MOUTH.

Road head.


“Sunday Faith” - The Black Spark

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Anonymous asked
Tell us about sharing the chick with your roommate. What happened? Who did what? Did you get your hands on him?


Well I had come back to our room one night and when I walked in he was naked on his bed, which is the usual in our dorm. So we’re talking to each other while I’m getting naked about to go to bed, and as far as I know it’s just us in the room, until this hot blonde walks out of our bathroom naked. At this point he’s still on his bed laughing, I’m surprised, an she’s pissed saying something about not going to have a threesome. After the point of awkward I offer to leave so they can have their alone time, but my roommate says it’s fine. The girl is still pissed and is about ready to leave, so my roommate takes her into the bathroom and works some of his magic (a little talking, make out, second base, etc. action) they both come out and he comes and sits on my bed with me. She gets down and starts to jack both of us off. Working our cocks at the same time we both start to get hard. The whole time we’re talking about how hot she is, what a good job she’s doing and just joking around like we do. Out of nowhere she puts her lips on my dick and I jump a bit from the surprise of it. She’s going to town on my cock, licking it up and down, sucking the head, and then deepthroating the whole thing. After a while she lifts off my dick and goes to give my roommate the same treatment. While she’s sucking him she keeps jacking my cock, running her spare hand over my body.
After a while my roommate lifts her off and says he wants to try something. So he pulls his legs up on the bed and tells me to do the same, I have no idea where he’s thinking of. He lifts his legs up and slides forward so that both of our dicks are pressed up against each other. That’s when I figure it out. He wants her to suck both of us at the same time. I high five him after I’ve figured it out and we both laugh, while she’s rolling her eyes and laughing to herself. We slap our hard cocks together to let her know we’re ready, and she gets up and takes hold of the two pieces of meat. She rubs our cocks together, head to head, shaft to shaft, and starts to jerk the two off. My roommate jokingly asks if she’s just going to hold them all night, at this point she rolls her eyes again but decides to get creative. She tells us this is as far as she’ll go unless we do some of the things she asks. Still holding our hard cocks together, our precum mixing, she tells us to start feeling each others bodies. So we do. Our hands reach out and we start to feel the others muscles, grab the others pecs, and pinch the others nipples. After a while we forget she’s there until she speaks up again. As a final demand before she starts to sucks us off together, she says we have to make out while she does her thing. We look at each other, shrug our shoulders, and lean into each other’s lips, already knowing that this is nothing new to us. While our lips our pushing together, back and forth, she leans down and pushes her own lips against the heads of our cocks. She kisses both before she opens her mouth and takes both cocks inside. My roommate starts to moan as she’s bobbing her head on our dicks. I let out a small, “fuck” separating our lips while he laughs and smiles, before I pull him back into my face and spread his lips with my tongue. The girl is still all over our cocks, fondling out balls together, while my roommate and I are wrestling our tongues. A few minutes later, of sucking from this girl, and a hell of a make out, I feel his balls tighten against our pressed together bodies. I know he’s close and so does she. Almost simultaneously we kick it into overdrive. She’s sucking harder and faster, I’m pushing more and more into his lips, and his moaning intensifies, and not long later his body starts to tense up, every muscle on that tight swimmers body is even more defined as I feel him blasting his warm load into the girls mouth and onto my own hard cock. This sends me over the edge and I join in on filling her mouth up with cum. She ends up pulling off before either of us are done shooting, we end up with each others cum on our abs. She licks it off and goes to check her phone, before she freaks out and runs to get cleaned off and get dressed before leaving.
After she’s gone we separate ourselves and head for the shower to clean up, joking the whole time, talking about how hot it was, complimenting each others kissing skills, and at the end of it all, getting into our beds to finish the rest of the night watching a movie.

What would you do if you walked in and saw this?

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"Do you think these make my ass look fat?"

"No, but… I was looking at other things."


Does he have a toilet in his closet? A closet in his bathroom? What?

Hot show, though.

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the perfect bro

Hard body worth running your hands all over. And an amazing dick.

And horny, too. If these photos weren’t proof enough check out the Maxim.


Fuckin’ hot, Bro!



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Very, very hot homemade video.

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